Ever had a computer that you forgot the password to? Ever had a computer that you didn't know the password to?

Now you don't need to give up or re-install windows due to a forgotten or unknown password.

Use this tool to access any windows by blanking out any of the login passwords, and when you login with the user name, use a blank password:


http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ (Homepage of this utility)


And here is an alternative download location from my site to the same program in case a corporate firewall blocks access to it:


http://www.glennroast.co.uk/password.exe (8.24 MB) - Boot CD and USB stick versions

http://www.glennroast.co.uk/pass-cd.exe - (4.16 MB) - ISO Image to create bootable CD

http://www.glennroast.co.uk/pass-usb.exe - (4.17 MB) - Individual files needed to create bootable USB stick


All of my copies above are self extracting executable files, so you will not need to unzip them, just run them and pick a folder to extract to

Read the readme file contained in this archive for full instructions on how to create a bootable flash drive for this program to start

You may also need a free image burner to write a .ISO file to a blank CD which you can then boot up from on a CD / dvd drive to run it: http://www.imgburn.com

And finally, GOOD LUCK!

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